Marttila Strategies has substantial experience in foreign policy and international affairs. The company has conducted numerous public opinion surveys to measure American attitudes toward national security and foreign policy. Our work also extends abroad, leading international public opinion research and strategic advice in Russia, Israel, Greece and Hungary.


Marttila Strategies’ work in Russia (then, the Soviet Union) began in 1988-89 with Project Understanding, a research program that featured simultaneous polls of Moscow, New York, Boston, Detroit and San Francisco — the first time American and Russian attitudes about contemporary international events – and domestic issues — were directly compared.  The polling provided one of the earliest signs of the sweeping democratic changes that were about to overtake the Soviet system.

In 1996, John Marttila was invited to Moscow to meet with President Yeltsin’s campaign leaders to offer advice on the Yeltsin campaign strategy.

In 1998, Marttila Strategies was retained by a Russian foundation to conduct an analysis of the political possibilities for reform-minded candidates; the work included a national survey of Russia and focus groups in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  This work revealed the widespread desire for a younger, stronger leader — very much like Vladimir Putin.

In 1999, Marttila Strategies conducted a national poll of Russia for the Anti-Defamation League, measuring anti-Semitic propensities in the country.


Marttila Strategies has extensive experience in Israel, and has provided regular briefings to Israeli leaders about American reaction toward events in the Middle East and Israel.

During the 1999 Israeli national elections, working in cooperation with the Gallup organization in Israel, Marttila Strategies conducted five national polls of Israel for a coalition of organizations supporting Ehud Barak, the eventual winner – and future Prime Minister.  After the election, Marttila Strategies conducted polling in Israel in anticipation of the first Clinton/Barak meeting in July 1999.

In 2005, Marttila Strategies conducted simultaneous surveys of Jews in the United States and Jews in Israel (14 percent of the Israeli population is Arab) measuring their reaction to a range of cultural and religious issues, and also the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


In 2007, working in cooperation with a local Greek polling company, Marttila Strategies conducted polling and focus groups for the Pasok political party in Greece.


In 2001, Marttila Strategies conducted research and provided strategy for the Alliance of Free Democrats, the most pro-market party in Hungary, but one that was on the verge of losing its parliamentary status because polls showed they might not win 5 percent of the popular vote, the bare minimum to maintain the party’s parliamentary status. The 2002 campaign was successful and the Free Democrats kept their parliamentary status.


Americans continue to believe the situation between Israel and the Palestinians has worsened.

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