Value-Driven Research

Marttila Strategies specializes in strategic planning and opinion research that focus on the underlying values of public issues. The company has provided these services for a broad array of domestic and international clients, including: private corporations, non-profit groups, business and trade associations, political candidates and political organizations.

During the past few years, Marttila Strategies has conducted in-depth national surveys on a range of topics, including five polls on health care reform and policy, research on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, immigration, and religion in the public square. The company has also researched public reaction to the Medicare prescription program for seniors, the war in Iraq, the Supreme Court, and anti-Semitism.

In addition, Marttila Strategies has conducted multiple national surveys measuring American attitudes toward national security and foreign policy, an area of special expertise. Working with local companies overseas, Marttila Strategies has conducted opinion research and advised political campaigns in Russia, Israel, Hungary and Greece.

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For more than twenty years, John Marttila, president of Marttila Strategies, has measured American attitudes and opinions on a wide range of topics. He brings a special expertise to understanding American values about political and public policy issues.

John Marttila is regarded as one of the leading strategists in the Democratic Party. He is an ongoing political advisor to Vice President Joe Biden, a relationship that dates back to 1972 when he managed strategy and advertising for Biden’s upset victory. Marttila was a senior advisor to John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s 2006 campaign.